This email was sent to anyone who had a outside email account on file 7/6/04:

We have been very pleased to provide you with free email service at over the past few years. It has become necessary at this point to bring in a larger entity to manage our email subscribers. Over 98% of our accounts are from honest, respectable members who do not abuse our service. The other 2% have sent spam messages listing our service as the "from" address and have overloaded our servers.

Our new service will provide you with advanced spam filtering and more storage space. Most importantly there will continue to be no costs whatsoever.

While this change will require you to signup again you will be able to use the same username you currently have. Please proceed at your earliest convenience to our homepage at:

Unfortunately your current messages will not carry over into the new service, but for a short time you can still log into our old service and retrieve your emails at:

I hope you will continue to utilize our service,
Your Email Box Webmaster